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Remarqued Fournier Bronze Edition of 45


A new suite of elemental sculpture is taking shape. Four breathtaking designs are rising in M.L. Snowden’s sculpture studio that bring us ever closer to the heart of our vital connection with planet earth and the cosmic forces that shape our existence. Sweeping in concept, ALLUVIA, AEOLIA (pronounced Yo-lia), CALDERA, and TERRA, redefine our planetary and human heritage shaped of water, air, fire and earth. Here in this spectacular suite, protean elevated designs are welded to Snowden’s creative technical advances in the metallurgical casting of lost wax bronze. Infused with the direct historic legacy of Rodin and an internationally established reputation as the foremost living figurative sculptor, the ASCENSION OF ELEMENTS collection rises into the light with a profound resonance for our time and for the future.

Terra is the evocation of the heart of clay: earth and the very bronze of sculpture find their portrait in the folds of Terra’s elevated form. In M.L. Snowden’s newest addition to the Ascension of Elements Suite, skeins of lava, and condensed rock form into substrates of clay, connecting the figure through its winding hair to stratas of sculpted form. The sculpture, an elevated poem to mass and structure, defies its very roots in rising upon the inspiration of mass set into motion. It is as if the very substance of bronze has become motivated by the intellect and energy of the sculptor’s touch upon it, inspiring the materials of sculpture to ascend toward the light. Terra, in contributing the most substantial mass to the Ascension of Elements Suite, ultimately depicts the transformative energies of life and spirit upon inert matter: for all its weight, its central figure rises from its organic couch to assist, magnify and embody the artist’s vision.

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