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“Sea Creates” 
Silver Gelatin Photo


A range of works in Snowden’s Hydrosphere celebrate earth’s aquatic profile, most notably the Ocean Foilo featuring Sea Creates and Pacific Sea Wall. In particular, M.L. Snowden’s Sea Creates is that milestone tour de force of sculptural construction that subsumes a great technical and sculpting achievement into a vision of effortless motion and elan. 

In Sea Creates, Snowden achieves a rare dichotomy of fluidity and structure that draws the viewer into contemplating the moving ephemeral fan of a tidal wave. Composed of various elemental forces including side fans and a submerged power, Snowden evokes the erosive energy of the sea as one of the most powerful sculptors on earth. The work features a myriad array of fingers, both visible and invisibly submerged, where the overall shape of the work forms the abstract shape of an outstretched hand. 

The central figure exudes an otherworldly countenance and aura that is neither human nor wholly material. It is a central icon that expresses Snowden’s conception that sculptural figuration is an energy summary born of bronze that naturally folds toward biomorphic form. Thus Sea Creates in its deepest essence is an energy signature. It is an explosive burst of spirit born into bronze related to human blood and water in its mineral profile: the work celebrates the essential creative power of the sea that is vested in humankind in a related continuum. 

As a study in energy, Sea Creates exudes radiance at its liquid core of anatomical conception, where centuries of art seem to float lyrically, coming across as an almost 18th century icon. This is Snowden’s great work that dramatically contrasts grandeur of mass against exquisite workmanship in the details. Clearly Snowden’s mastery of continuous flowing handwork exudes the legendary masters that have authentically shaped her art through direct inheritance, delving back to Rodin, to Mercie’ to Saint-Gaudens, to the greats. Nor does the sculptor stoop to living models that would stain and compromise the spiritual overture of Sea Creates that is sure to shape its legacy in the centuries to come. Snowden fully understands the importance of bronze as the one living unfading art form that can last through time and in this calling Sea Creates is a timeless icon brought to life as a hallmark of the millennium.

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