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M.L. Snowden’s newest sculpture collection, the Angelic Quartet showcases four exquisite bronzes entitled the Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Ariel, and Archangel Gabriel.  Each angel literally floats through a moving bronze veil that allows the sculpture to poise in mid-flight.  Celebrating sculptural techniques inherited from Rodin, each one of Snowden’s Angels conveys a delicate balance between substantial bronze weight and delicate workmanship. Placed among the sculptor’s larger oeuvre, the Angelic Quartet creates a strong connection between the spiritual and physical qualities that exist within the heart of Snowden’s bronzes.


Snowden shapes Archangel Michael as a peace-keeper, uplifting the great angel in his role as the traditional protector of ancient Israel. Across centuries and in modern times, the Angel counsels mediation and harmony, promoting love and accord wherever his presence alights. From wings to garment folds, Snowden’s deft handwork in molten, golden bronze enrobes Archangel Michael in a glowing aura.

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