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Rising on the wake of Snowden’s unique sculptures, Inspira and Creatia, Questa forms a personal mediation on the sculptor’s own dimensional creative thought processes that infuse her work. In a deftly figured and faceted stele, states and moods form along questing lines that entwine and braid in an ascending composition. From introspection to aspiration, from action to quietude, from empowerment to resolve, emergent and emotive states burgeon and oppose in the manner of questing mentation that is at once creative yet analytical, expressed through figuration that is grounded in both reality and the realm of the dream.


Among the evocations of titanic forces and energies that power planetary geological phenomena, rational intellect that fuels human endeavor is increasingly seen as one of the foremost instruments of planetary change. Questa’s lithe feminine portraits come together in kaleidoscopic unity, turning from a supporting base of an active central figure that rises into a noble dream state, that finally reaches a pinnacle of vision, touching and inspiring all levels of the sculpture. On a profound level, “Questa,” like each sculpture of the “Evolution of Conception,” is a poem and point of physical praise to the feminine ethos of dream-scape possibility and nurturing. In this calling, the sculptures “Questa”, “Inspira” and “Creatia” reach beyond artistic self-portraits of vision to convey the sculptor’s enduring memory of her own extraordinary mother, Louise, ( 1911-1998). In these rare and special sculptures, the sculptor best known for powerful energy extrapolations in bronze, is able to engage in exquisite passages that celebrate femininity in ways that engage the viewer to enter into a new frame of reference for personal scale bronze. In their deepest sense, these three limited sculptures are akin to the sculptor’s own fingerprint, imbued with an unrivaled sense of vivacity and elan.


From important roots in the Paris studios of Rodin and Antonin Mercié, Snowden brings to “Questa” the glowing luminous platinum Fournier Patina and the touch of the historic Rodin tools that were used to shape the dynamic, immortal planes of “Questa.”

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