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Silver Gelatin Photo


"Inspira” joins “Creatia” in projecting the sculptor’s unique exploration of the anatomy of creative thought that underlies her sculptural art. “Inspira” is that sweeping vision that captures the senses through a profound ascending line, suggesting a whispered intuition that informs a great idea. For M.L. Snowden, “Inspira” is the embodiment of communication, based upon two lithe receptors whose identity remains shrouded in mystery. Part fragmentary wish, part ascending ladder; part reverie; “Inspira” is a profound spiritual work that touches the divine nature of conceptual vision.


With almost dream like floatation, “Inspira” belies it immense bronze weight to project immateriality. It is that rare sculpture that balances its line in receiving a complex of related forces, most notably expressed through new levels of structured bronze striations and embedments that seem to charge the work with nurturing rays. As with other sculptures of the “Evolution of Conception,” “Inspira” advances the sculpture’s meditation on the titanic forces and energies that power geological phenomena, as it comes to focus upon the reality that the nature of human thought is increasingly seen as one of the foremost instruments of planetary change. With reciprocal energy summaries expressed through lithe figuration cresting and foundering the work, Snowden is able to access an unseen realm in the language of unfading metal.

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