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Silver Gelatin Photo


CREATIA is that rare sculpture that forms an introspection upon the forces of thought that shape and impact the outward planes of physical existence. The sculpture itself stands at the vanguard of the Geological Coreium as the sculptor smelts bronze in a replication of an inner mirror that composes a vision of “Eclat” or the appearance of a sudden idea that serves as the engine for human outreach. With a bold and bursting flowering, “Creatia” suggests both a nucleus and an explosive hot point in a sculpture crafted with an exquisite sense of vibrancy.


Among the evocations of titanic forces and energies that power planetary geological phenomena, the quality of human thought that stands behind human endeavor and action is increasingly seen as one of the foremost instruments of planetary change. “Creatia” as sculpture, explores the humanitarian ethos of thought in a lithe female incantation that reaches simultaneously upwards, bringing fire downwards in an encompassing gesture. With acute sensitivity brought into just four extant limited edition sculptures, the sculptor brings a level of focus to “Creatia” that hallmarks the work as a unique expression of the sculptor’s eye and hand.


Here in “Creatia,” M.L. Snowden dedicates the art of sculpture to achieving a rare self-portrait of her own inner mind in a gestural work that lays at the threshold of a highly personal and original sculptural plan. Indeed, in the “Evolution of Conception,” we find sculptures that probe the anatomies of various inspirational and artistic creative thought processes interpreted through M.L. Snowden’s visual language. Known internationally for questing bronzes that push the envelope of possibilities for bronze metallurgy, “Creatia” is that signatory and emblematic work that condenses and reflects more than forty years of the sculptor’s specialization in sculpture, charting a new path of structured bronze striation and layered embedment design that cast these works at the forefront of contemporary figurative bronze at the millennium.

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