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Remarqued Fournier Bronze Edition of 25


Lunas highlights M.L. Snowden’s Stellar Sphere Group of the Celestial Array, and joins Polaris, Solaris, Heliocore, Meteorite and Sirius as an important progression in the art of lost wax bronze casting. Through the dramatic sculptures of the Stellar Sphere, the artist invites us to explore a series of deeply personal meditations upon the celestial nature of candescent bodies that directly impact planet earth and human perception. Touring the Stellar Sphere Group in brief, we are able to come to the realization that Polaris is an exquisite energy map of the heart of the visible North Star; Solaris is a portrait of our Sun’s radiant nucleus; Heliocore is a one-of-a kind evocation of a single light ray of the Sun; Meteorite explores a fiery celestial meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere; Sirius evokes the light path of the bright star that inspired humankind’s first calendar; and Lunas is a portrait of moonlight. The sculptures of Stellar Sphere form geological meditations upon sources of light visible within our immediate universe.

Lunas, as a sculptural meditation, expresses M.L. Snowden’s central idea that the very substance of humankind, stars, planetary masses and bronze are created of the same interrelated yet differently arranged elements. Yet, Lunas goes farther in exploring the concept of the Moon as a reflector of a portion of the Sun’s energy as well as Earth’s albedo - the reflected light from Earth. Untold hours have been spent on perfecting the reflective properties of Snowden’s signatory historic Fournier patina to achieve a white veined variant that promotes the reflective surface qualities of Lunas. While expressing the accretion of mass attendant on planetary Moon formation - an accretion related to the art of sculpture itself - Lunas floats in a silvered arc of reflection that deeply considers states of mood, energy and luminous radiance across a creative panoply.

Using no models or references to express form, Snowden sculpts Lunas in a profound mood of vibrant lassitude that communicates something inexpressible within its contemplation.

Lunas has been sculpted by Snowden into new levels of metallurgical virtuosity. With exquisite artistic care, Lunas’s levitated weight burgeons from the churning of a cratered anatomy that has resolved into an awakened sense of peace. A feeling of aspiration seems to light this enigmatic mirror of the Stellar Sphere. Lunas is that particular sculpture that optically guides the viewer’s eye over lines of textural form that constantly regroups and invites reappraisal. It is a sculpture the eye revisits again and again as changing light sources upon Lunas divulge sequences of revelation. M.L. Snowden invented the protocols and specific foundry wax that makes the casting of Lunas possible.

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