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“The Muses”


The Muses establishes a new benchmark for Snowden’s sculptural inheritance from Rodin. Indeed, the work dissolves the solidity of traditional statuary into the abstract realm of a nebula’s vapor. For the sculptor, the Muses is an almost weightless winged veil that calls forth six muses that reign over the arts and sciences of sculpture, including metallurgy and chemistry. Yet, on its most profound level, the slender pillar of the Muses is dedicated to each individual’s unique path toward enlightenment. Snowden communicates an ethereal realm through imagining humanitarian forms that become personalized to each viewer. Indeed, in this newest work, the sculptor communicates a feeling of divine inspiration, light, and life.

M.L. Snowden’s newest sculpture collection, the Nebulae Trilogy, presents three important works entitled the Omega Nebula, the Orion Nebula and the Muses. In these bronzes, figurative elements are built at quarter-life scale in an interrelationship that creates a brilliant new dimensional experience. In each of these works, Snowden considers the birthplace of stars – the nebulae - to be related to the formation of humankind and the origins of earth. As Snowden observes, “The monumental energies of the cosmos and stars are not dislocated from our own human powers.” Where abstract science seeks to describe physical reality, Snowden’s art explores the forces of imagination, emotion, and humanitarian potential.

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