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“Cambrian Sea Fan” 
Remarqued Edition of 100


The Cambrian Sea Fan together with the Valentin Sea Fan and the Devonian Sea fan, compose a skein of aquatic sea fans that evoke geologic time periods. These works, along with The Sea Creates and Pacific Seawall together with the niveal exploration of Glacier, vivify and celebrate the earth’s ever evolving aquatic sphere. As with all of M.L. Snowden’s bronzes, the geological focus of each particular epoch of Snowden’s sculptural program forms a stepping stone to a much larger context of personal, spiritual and universal meaning communicated by the work. The GEOLOGICAL COREIUM is just that - an invitation to personally explore the richness of creation through the timeless art of bronze 

The Cambrian Sea Fan, with arms outstretched in joyous abandon, is the essence of fire-works describing the “Cambrian Explosion” - that early and relatively short period of time when a huge diversity of life suddenly appeared in the earth’s seas and were marked forever in the fossil record. The “Y” of the composition evokes the delicate silt formations of river beds meeting oceans, where corals, mollusks, star fish and other forms of sea life were born and continue to be nurtured.

Composed from more than 100 miniature mold systems, the laced details and intricate festoons of Cambrian Sea Fan speak of Snowden’s sheer technical mastery of the art of bronze casting. While the Cambrian Sea Fan is termed a limited edition, in actuality, each Sea Fan is uniquely hand worked by Snowden through each stage of the casting so that every bronze bears the artistic hallmark of an original. The Cambrian Sea Fan is a tour de force of positive energy and aquatic detail made possible through exquisite working protocols and special foundry waxes invented by M.L. Snowden.

The Cambrian Sea Fan was conceived by Snowden to be displayed in close proximity to the Devonian and Valentin Sea Fans as a group on varied pedestals so that their central upper coral formations form a screen. The character of the dramatic upper coral crown is unique to each of the Sea Fan designs - in the Cambrian Sea Fan, the oval coral is conceptually the largest of the three sculptures in marking the Cambrian era as that foundational time that gave rise to Earth’s bio-diversity.

From important roots in the Paris studios of Auguste Rodin and Antonin Mercié, Snowden brings to the Cambrian Sea Fan, the luminous platinum Fournier Patina and the touch of the historic Rodin tools that were used to shape Cambrian’s lively features.

Ultimately for the sculptor, the Cambrian Sea Fan glows with a deep sense of triumph - and an inner hope of glory for earthly and spiritual planes. For the sculptor, the Cambrian Sea Fan is a central song of celebration.

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