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The White House Presidential Art Collection

Washington, DC USA

Cataclasis Study bronze


Hakone Open-Air Museum

Tokyo, Japan

Cataclasis Study Bronze


HRM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

Queen’s Collection Buckingham Palace

London, UK

Angel of the East


St. Pope John Paul II Collection

Vatican Collections, Rome, Italy

Angels of the Main Altar


Genzyme Institute

Concord, MA USA

Helix X and Y


George AV Dunning Gallery

Loyola Marymount University

Los Angeles, CA   USA


Gersten Pavilion

The Ascension of Elements

Aeolia, Caldera, Alluvia and Terra


Soka University of America and Japan

Aliso Viejo, California, and Japan

M.L. Snowden million dollar multi-bronze collection

Including Cataclasis Monumental


Eisenhower Medical Center


M.L. Snowden multi-bronze collection


And more than 2,000 bronzes located in public and private collections worldwide

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York, USA

Cataclasis Template


Butler Institute of American Art

Youngstown, OH USA



Brookgreen Sculpture Museum and Gardens

Murrels Inlet, SC USA

Cataclasis Study Drawing


Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum

Santa Barbara, CA  USA

Cataclasis Bronze


Museuum of Modern Art

Hot Springs, AK USA



Ricardo Brennand Museum Institute

Recife, Brazil

Sea Creates



The ML Snowden Art Trust


The entire oeuvre of the

M.L. Snowden Geological Coreium Collection


Centinela Hospital Medical Center

Los Angeles, California; Ira Kaufman Memorial



The Shield: City of Glendale Civic Monument

Glendale, California; 15 foot bronze monument and four bronze memorial reliefs



The Norris Cancer Center,  Jane Anne Nohl Center for Blood Diseases

University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Genesis installation

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