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Remarqued Fournier Bronze Edition of 100


Meteorite, the first sculpture of M.L. Snowden’s Stellar Sphere Group of the Celestial Array collection, joins Polaris, Solaris, Sirius, Lunas as well as Heliocore as an important milestone in the art of lost wax bronze casting. In Meteorite, through a dramatic composition, the sculptor has shaped interplanetary matter transformed to flame upon its entry into earth’s atmosphere. No other sculpture evokes such a vivid, fateful moment wherein the terrestrial and extraterrestrial meet. In its larger context, Meteorite contemplates the supreme moment of creation. As a composition, Meteorite exists seed-like in form, complete in its beginning that in turn, evokes immense possibilities arising at the moment of its ending.

Meteorite, as a sculptural meditation, expresses M.L. Snowden’s central idea that the very substance of humankind, stars, planetary masses and bronze are created of the same interrelated yet differently arranged elements.

Using no references to express form, Snowden sculpts Meteorite in a kaleidoscope of moods, motions and forms; the whole composition is sculpted against the resistance of wind and gravity. Striated patterns of rapidly expanding and escalating release are written in figural torsions of descending atmospheric abstraction.

In Meteorite, the drama of self protection in the fury of downward flight is apparent. Set within its gestural evocation sculpted at the moment just before impact, is a central figure that rises upwards; a figural energy summary that intuits an almost tangible mystery as to its god-like identity and benevolence. In this figure, it is possible to contemplate the ideal celestial nature inherent in the gifts of the earth; a concept in line with modern science as it continues to explore the viable concept that earth’s water and life itself was delivered to our planet from the vault of deep space by way of meteorites.

Meteorite has been sculpted by Snowden into new levels of metallurgical virtuosity The hands exhibit dramatic energy patterning, and seem as if they are shaped by uprising winds alone. Meteorite’s long vertical weight is offset by a slight curve that balances the structure just before impact. M.L. Snowden invented the protocols and specific foundry wax that makes the casting of Meteorite possible.

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