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Remarqued Fournier Bronze Edition of 45


As a celebration of the element of fire, Caldera emerges as the second sculpture of the ASCENSION OF ELEMENTS suite. The one-of-a-kind composition of Caldera draws a graceful curvilinear tracery that suspends the work on a pivotal point of balance. Caldera joins Alluvia, Aeolia, and Terra, to complete Earth’s classic elements.

Caldera takes its name from a geological nexus of fire; a central volcanic vortex where earth’s core becomes molten. Yet, the sculptor has gone beyond any particular geologic association to form a portrait of the heart fire when it first ignites as a swirling energy pattern. Caldera reaches out to evoke not only physical fire, but embraces a portrait of a spiritual and almost sublime serenity that lies at the threshold and heart of profound energy release and important monumental enterprise.

Snowden’s engineering of this particular sculpture is noteworthy; Caldera forms a continuation of Snowden’s exploration of metallurgical possibility through the extrusive capacity of bronze. Caldera’s weight effortlessly suspends along the sculptor’s mathematical calculation that pinions the central figure on thin lines of filagree. M.L. Snowden invented the protocols and specific foundry wax that makes the casting of Caldera possible.

Ultimately for the sculptor, Caldera is a portrait of other-worldly inner harmony; a portrait of the eye of the storm. Caldera depicts the core of flame in a central figure that embodies a sense of reverie and completeness - when the fire of inspirational questing has poised upon the perfect answer. For Snowden, Caldera is a symbol of the art of sculpture because fire is the catalyst that makes all elements of the art of bronze possible.

From important roots in the Paris studios of Auguste Rodin and Antonin Mercié, Snowden brings to Caldera, the glowing luminous platinum Fournier Patina infused with molten silver stars and gold. Here in this sculpture, the touch of the historic Rodin tools shaped the delicate planes of Caldera’s features.

Such is the message of Caldera, - as humans born of fire, water, earth and air, by our very lives, we can achieve an ascension toward light in the midst of experiencing our own elemental physicality - a spirituality and physicality that has come to be celebrated in the art of sculpture.

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